Anyone looking for laptop memory?

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Tue Jan 24 19:23:29 CST 2006

While looking for my cache of PMC MO disks, I stumbled on a box with some
NOS memory modules.  I think I got these when I bid on a mixed lot of old
memory modules that had one that I really wanted.

I found 2 2MB and one 8 MB module for what I believe should be a Compaq
LITE4.  These are about the same size as a PCMCIA card, but with offset
contact rows (in contrast to a PCMCIA card).

I've also got a 4MB and an 8MB short (about 2" long) 72-contact SIMM.  One
is labeled "21xx Memory" if that's any help.

I've also got another small 8MB memory module about 2"x1" with two 30-pin
female headers on each end of one side.  

Anyone have a need for these or even know what they are?


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