IBM Quick Reference Guide - 1992

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> 38 JPEG images - very large in size - sorry, no PDF!

What's a good free tool for turning scanned pages into a PDF?

I see that Adobe now has a product called Adobe Acrobat Capture that
seems like it would be perfect for turning old manuals into PDFs.
They claim that it can create documents of these types:

- PDF image only -- similar to the PDFs on bitsavers
- PDF searchable image -- the pages are shown as images, but are OCRed
  into a hidden text layer so that you can search a document that
  looks like images
- PDF formatted text+images -- text is OCR'ed and non-text portions of
  the document are kept as image layers

Does anyone have familiarity with this Capture product?  Its only $99
when purchased as a download.
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