Anyone looking for laptop memory?

Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at
Wed Jan 25 09:07:27 CST 2006

Angel Martin Alganza wrote:
>>I've successfully installed NetBSD recently with 4MB RAM.  It sucks, and 
>>you have to install manually, but it works.
> Cool!  I've just tried the network installation with the boot-tiny
> floppy, but it fails to recognize my PCMCIA NIC.  The normal boot
> floppies won't work with 12MB.

Which network card?  It's very possible that the INSTALL_TINY kernel is 
compiled without its support.  I would suggest compiling a custom 
INSTALL_TINY kernel with the support for your card added, and using that 
kernel in the boot-tiny filesystem instead of the INSTALL_TINY kernel.

> Where can I read about the manually installation you refer to?  I
> woudn't mind installing even from floppies, since I enjoy reading
> technical writings and trying out OS installations through different
> methods.

Basically, it just involves doing everything sysinst does, but manually, 
while skipping any steps which aren't completely necessary and use too 
much RAM.

Peace...  Sridhar

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