[rescue] PCMCIA ethernet adapters & modems

J Blaser oldcpu at rogerwilco.org
Thu Jan 26 21:55:49 CST 2006

>Anyone want one?  Work is discarding out about 70 of them.  There are
>a fair number of associated cable dongles, but I can't promise that I
>would be able to get a cable dongle for every ethernet adapter.  For
>the modems it looks like they all have xjacks.

I know this is a late response (I didn't see your posting until now), but, yes, 
I'll take a handful (dozen?).

I find that I not only use these PCMCIA ethernet/modem cards...I use them *UP* 
and they occassionally die on me.  Still, I find that using a couple of old 
Pentium class laptops for my basement web and email servers is the way to go.  
(This topic was a recent discussion item a month or so ago.)  They come with 
their own UPS (battery pack) and they are quiet, and draw very little juice.  
So, yeah, I'll take a stash of potential replacement network cards, dongles 
would be nice.  For some reason a 24/7 situation with these kind of PCMCIA cards 
tends to wear them out over a 6 to 12 month span.  I just had to replace one a 
month ago.  A handy stash would be very welcome.

Let me know if you were able to snag these cards, and we'll work out pickup 
arrangements.  I'm actually in Utah County.



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