grinding down chips was Re: QX10 graphics board

Doc Shipley doc at
Fri Jan 27 02:48:45 CST 2006

gordonjcp at wrote:

> I read a brilliant article on the encryption boards used in banking.  The
> actual clever bits are encased in epoxy, and powered by batteries on the
> board.  If you remove the batteries, it loses the contents of memory (and
> all keys).  If you attempt to cut the package open, you cut through a
> layer consisting of many turns of resistance wire.  If yout cut it, or
> bypass bits, the resistance changes and it clobbers the memory.  If it
> gets too cold, or too hot, again it clobbers the memory.  X-raying it is
> right out, too.

   Does it have "U R SCREWED" etched on the die?  :)


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