Pinnacle Micro Apex drives

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Fri Jan 27 11:31:55 CST 2006

These are the 4.6 GB magneto-optical drives marketed about 10 years ago by
the now-defunct Pinnacle.  We had a few of them and every single one of
them went bad (laser head) in less than a year.  Repair costs were
significant and there was a big backlog.

I note that one can still find a few of these on ePay in one of two
conditions; (a) powers up and otherwise unknown and (b) good tested,
warranteed working.   The (a) type usually can be had for less than $20 and
the (b) type for $400+.  

Here's my question.  I have a few old Apex MO cartridges that I'd like to
read, but my curiosity doesn't extend far enough to spend $400-800 to
satisfy.  Has anyone had any favorable experience with the (a) type drives
or are they all pretty much non-functional?  I'm just trying to determine
if it's worth the trouble.

On a related subject, are there any other drives that will read the Apex


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