Ebay Northstar Horizon

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jan 28 17:33:50 CST 2006

Robert Stek wrote:
> FWIW, AFAIK & IIRC (I just love abbrev.) the metal-cased Horizon did not
> appear until several years after NorthStar made its appearance with its
> original model.  The wooden case was veneered plywood stained walnut in
> color.  I don't believe that it was walnut veneer.

I'm back on the list after a break so this may have been raised already - but 
I've heard from several people over time that metal-cased Horizons were much 
more common on this side of the pond than in the US. I'm sure the wooden ones 
were first, but maybe for whatever reason production of metal-cased ones 
happened much earlier in Europe than it did in the States?



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