Collecting development kits

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I also have a few boards and some Intel development equipment.
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> Richard wrote:
>>In article <20060129113221.0f1a2355.sastevens at>,
>>    Scott Stevens <sastevens at>  writes:
>>>The cheapest, most common programmers from the mid-80s onward
>>>should fill your need.  Nothing special from Intel is needed.
>>>Though collecting Intel development hardware as an end unto
>>>itself is a worthy pursuit...
>>How many of you collect development kit stuff like evaluation boards,
>>in circuit emulators, cross compilers, etc.
> <raises hand>  I DO!  </raises hand>
> I have a few Intel MDS Series II systems.  All but one work.  And I 
> recently actually used one of them with an ICE-80 to troubleshoot a cpu 
> board.
>>I have used ICEs for a 6809 and they were pretty expensive iron for
>>the time (1986) and most companies I know rented them for the duration
>>of a project rather than purchase them.  Which makes me wonder...
>>where do the rental companies discard their outdated inventory?
> The ICE hardware certainly was expensive.  And I know that at one time I 
> used to get "for sale" flyers from some of the rental companies with their 
> old development hardware.  Prices were affordable by the time they were 
> getting rid of them, but still not "by the pound" prices that some folks 
> here find.

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