Road Trips Re: (no subject) [now RTTY equipment available]

vrs vrs at
Sun Jan 29 21:04:54 CST 2006

> How many of you have done a road trip to get equipment?

>   - travelled 1,000+ miles?

Well, I once traveled by van from Beaverton, OR to Gloucester, 
MA to get a PDP-8/L, BA08, and some other stuff.  But I planned 
the pickup to coincide with a family vacation, so I don't know 
if that counts as a road trip or not.  (My wife wanted to go to 
Boston for the Barbie convention.)

As a plus, another collector gave me a PDP-8/I and an MM8I on 
the way home :-)!


(Both collectors were incredibly generous.  Thanks, guys!!)

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