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Rumor has it that Jos Dreesen may have mentioned these words:
>Roger Merchberger wrote:
>>Rumor has it that Jos Dreesen / Marian Capel may have mentioned these words:
>>>If you meant to say : I want to repair this machine which has a broken 
>>>unobtainable vlsi chip, then forget it . A oneoff copy of a vlsi chip 
>>>in  a FPGA is just plain too much work.
>>With all due respect, *please* keep that attitude away from the Tandy 
>>Color Computer List! :-O
>>There are people doing *exactly that* to try to keep our beloved CoCo3's 
>>running once the GIME chip start giving up the magic smoke in quantity.
>By redesigning a functional equivalent, or by deprocessing a failed chip?



There's rumors of a TTL prototype board out there, but if not, a chip may 
well need to be depackaged/deprocessed and probed manually to figure how 
just how the heck the thing works.

To my knowledge, there's no surviving VHDL or somesuch to actually tell us 
how the durned thing works - it's a little black box.

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