Id this IC?

Dwight Elvey dwight.elvey at
Mon Jan 30 20:04:09 CST 2006

Hi Joe
 I think that is a clock chip. It is for low frequency,
like 32KHz.
 I think I've seen these someplace but don't recall where.
Why it has a window I don't know but it might be for
laser fine tuning.

>From: "Joe R." <rigdonj at>
>  Does anyone have any idea what this IC is?
><> This is the second
>one that I've found but I haven't been able to find any information on it.
>Not even who made it. It's a standard .3" wide 16-pinDIP and it's marked
>PX032768  (9003) and it has a small window on one end. Inside the window is
>what looks like a tiny tuning fork or something. Any ideas?
>    Joe

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