Road Trips

William Donzelli aw288 at
Mon Jan 30 21:10:06 CST 2006

>    A bit preliminary here too.  It would be nice to not have
>    to ignore some offerings in California.
>    State your terms and I'll keep my options open.

The terms depend on how far and how much. If loading is a issue, that
could change things. For example, if i need to drag a rack up from a
cellar with only the help of an old man, I will want something for the
effort. Once again, cheap - especially if you have ever priced movers to
do this work!

>    It might be nice to give periodic status reports,
>    like 'still free, half full, last chance', etc.
>    Yup, interested.

I probably will, especially if I am still a bit short.

William Donzelli
aw288 at

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