IBM Quick Reference Guide - 1992

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>> Is it?  I thought the discussion was talking about colour line-art.
>> In scanning, line-art means 1bpp, at least in my experience;
> Only if you like your line art to be highly aliased!

I mean that, in a scanning context, if you see a "line art" setting, it
normally produces a 1bpp result.

When the art in question is something like a woodcut or an ink sketch -
which is what I suspect the line-art settings are more designed for -
aliasing is not a problem in the same way that it is for something
that, like an electronic schematic, is full of lines that really ought
to be aligned with the pixel grid's axes.

>> PNG most certainly is not in all still-maintained graphics programs.
>> For example, I have an image displayer in live use (which I'm still
>> maintaining) which supports nothing but pbm/pgm/ppm.
> Yeah, but pngtopnm has been around for almost as long as png ;-).

giftopnm has been around even longer. :-)

> Also, your image viewer doesn't support GIF either, so :-P.

No, it doesn't - but I wasn't claiming GIF support in "all
still-maintained graphics programs", either.  (:-þ back atcha. :)

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