Common items you passed up that turned rare when you wanted them

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> The least valuable HP I own is one that I would never give up. An old, 
> battered, HP45. The reason is that I built it. I was given a load of junk 
> at an HPCC meeting mad there were enough bits to make a 45. The chips on 
> the logic board came from 2 or 3 machines, the displays aren't all the 
> same sixe (These machines have 3 5-digit display modules in them, HP used 
> 2 different character height ones, you're supposed to have all 3 the same 
> in a particular machine, obviously), and so on. To a collector it's 
> worthless. To me, because I got it going, and because doing that taught 
> me a lot about how the classic series HPs work, it's priceless.

If you watch lots of Antique Road Show :-), you'll see that this sort
of thing actually adds provenance value over time, but it will
probably be a while before your HP-45 is valued higher than the
typical collectible :).
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