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Jim Leonard trixter at
Fri Jun 2 00:35:01 CDT 2006

Scott Quinn wrote:
> I think that Sun's biggest problem is still residual from the UltraSPARC II debacle- they angered management by lying aboug why the new $100k+ computer wasn't working,
> and they really p***ed off sysadmins by alledging that they were incompetent. It would be a while before I'd recommend a Sun after that . . .

Not sure I follow; are you talking about the ecache parity bug?  (CPU 
would panic for pretty much no reason).  As a guy who likes to torture 
the hardware purely through software, I liked the way they fixed that 
debacle (a kernel patch that "scrubs" ecache in such a way that the 
parity bug never comes up).

> I wouldn't pooh-pooh OpenSolaris, either - if you were contemplating buying a expensive computer, wouldn't SGI's financial issues give you concern about buying a

But that's not why they did OpenSolaris, they did it (IMO) as a reaction 
to Linux "cuz that's what all the k00l kidz R doing".  Since Linux was 
ported to sun hardware way back in 1997, I never saw the point.
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