SBC6120 (a build-it-yourself PDP-8 clone) Last Buy and End of Life

Robert Armstrong bob at
Sat Jun 3 20:20:48 CDT 2006

> thought that 6120's just _weren't available_ 

  I've purchased 6120 chips several times since introducing the SBC6120;
it's never been a problem to get them.  There are old IC jobbers out there
that will find anything, for a price.  The problem has always been that the
minimum order is 50-100 pieces and several thousands of dollars.

  And please, don't everybody start calling old IC jobbers asking for 6120
chips now.  A) They won't sell you just one, and b) you'll just make 'em
think 6120 chips are valuable and the prices will go even higher.


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