Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Sun Jun 4 15:02:54 CDT 2006

Well, I appear to have struck out on the SBUS HVD aproach.
Is it worth pursuing 2944's for use in a U10?

Or, should I just add the storage arrays to the "hazardous
waste" recycling pile and relace them with a few 160G IDE drives?


Zane H. Healy wrote:
> At 12:34 AM -0700 5/28/06, Don Y wrote:
>> Zane H. Healy wrote:
>>> At 4:36 PM -0700 5/27/06, Don Y wrote:
>>>> I'm looking for two or three HVD wide SCSI SBUS cards
>>>> to connect some storage arrays to an SS20.  Does anyone
>>>> have any that they would care to part with?
>>> Depending on what OS you intend to use, you'll want to watch out for 
>>> which cards you get.  I know most of the ones we used at work 
>>> wouldn't work on newer than Solaris 2.6.
>> Ouch!  I didn;t know there were different flavors of HVD cards!
>> (not to be confused with LVD cards)  Are you sure these are
>> SBUS cards (SPARC) and not PCI cards?
> Trust me, I know the difference. :^)   Up until two weeks ago when the 
> last Ultra 2's were retired, I've spent the last 10 years maintaining 
> some S-Bus systems.  It caused some real problems for me 2-3 years ago 
> when we moved a bunch of the remaining U2's to Solaris 8.  Of the ones 
> I'm aware of, PTI made at least two different cards, neither will work 
> past 2.6, and Sun made at least two cards, one won't work past 2.6, and 
> one will work with at least Solaris 8.  We originally used SE-to-DIFF 
> converters, these might be the way for you to go.  That way you can use 
> better supported SE-SCSI controllers, which will work under newer 
> versions of Solaris.  We used these for years on some Auspex fileservers.

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