Is there a Prime Computer Emulator?

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Thu Jun 8 10:57:44 CDT 2006

At 4:23 PM +0100 6/8/06, Jules Richardson wrote:
>Zane H. Healy wrote:
>>I'm not aware of one.  Here are the Big Iron emulators that I am aware of:
>What defines 'big'? Raw horsepower, or physical size, or something else?
>I'm just thinking that there are probably lots of emulators of older 
>(1950s and 1960s) machines around - big iron in their day, but not 
>exactly quick by the standards of 1970's hardware.

For that webpage, pretty much anything that isn't DEC (as each family 
of DEC hardware has its own page), and isn't a home computer type 
system.  Stuff that wouldn't normally be found in the home.

There are plenty of webpages out there dedicated to home computer or 
video game emulation, but a serious lack of any dedicated to the 
rest.  Basically it's an off shoot of the DEC Emulation Website, 
which in turn was an off shoot of the PDP-10 Emulation Webpage.


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