The old Computer Collector Newsletter is back! Sort of.

woodelf bfranchuk at
Thu Jun 8 12:22:12 CDT 2006

Evan Koblentz wrote:

> people can handle subscribing and unsubscribing without intervention of any
> kind of admin ..... I fail to see how writing, collating and formatting text
> into a web page is really any different to writing, collating and forming
> text into an email; the former's just far more
> heavyweight/slower/inconvenient for the user!

The advantage with a news letter is you get it with your email.
I guess now that email is needed only to receive spam. I don't
like blogs because you can never seem to reach the blog website
because a server has changed or the blog is so long you can't
find the text you want -- say blah blah was looking for a QZ3215
computer about 3 years ago and at the flea-market I picked up a
video card for a QZ3215-Z computer would he need this for the year
2K patch? -

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