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Julian Wolfe fireflyst at earthlink.net
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Depends on what the card is - People don't need a cabinet full of DZ11s
anymore, and there are some other now-worthless heaps of cards out there
like synchronous serial - this could be hurting the perceived value of the

Overall though, I'd say you were right and that salvage sales is generally
out of touch with the fairly new collector market for this stuff.

There is sort of a stipulation to this though - it depends on what's being
offered.  I don't know many people who desire an 11/03.

Is the market saturated yet? Absolutely not.  Is it getting there? Yes, and
at a steady pace.

Qbus stuff is becoming less and less in demand, especially since these
machines are continuing to get decomissioned and pop up on ebay or in
collector markets.

My regular salvage dealer recently sold an 11/05 on ebay for $1500 with no
peripherals or rack - so, anyone that tells you there isn't a market for
UNIBUS gear is totally mistaken.  Even a mostly-complete CPU box will fetch
at least $200 on ebay.

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> >>   This is, of course, COMPLETELY incorrect, aside from being 
> >> disturbing.  The DEC collector market is booming like 
> never before, 
> >> and growing like crazy.
> You could both be right.  Price is set between buyer and 
> seller, and price can vary widely depending on the marketing 
> and the market.
> You may be misperceiving the volume of old DEC equipment that 
> he sees available for scrapping.  He may not see the value in 
> expending the extra effort to market items to collectors.
> But it is a shame to imagine it all being ground up for scrap.
> - John

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