[Fwd: raising awareness re: classic hardware]

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Thu Jun 8 14:33:57 CDT 2006

> Depends on what the card is - People don't need a cabinet full of DZ11s
> anymore, and there are some other now-worthless heaps of cards out there
> like synchronous serial - this could be hurting the perceived value of the
> machines.

Speak for yourself :-). I find a lot of serial ports to be _very_ useful 
on a computer (I have many devices with RS232 interfaces), I think I have 
about 4 DZs and as many DJs (each of the latter being a 4-lsot system 
unit backplane) to go into my 11/45 sometime. 

As regards synchronous serial cards, comms processors (DMCs, DMRs, etc), 
and the like, I find them interesting. But then as I mentioned last week, 
I am very much a hardware person.

Yes, I know I am not going to determine the market for these things, but 
there _are_ people around who like the weird stuff...


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