Question For The List

Dan Williams williams.dan at
Fri Jun 9 18:11:52 CDT 2006

> Which is strange if you think about it - much of this hobby will be dead in 50
> years time as the era of collectible systems is pretty much over (who wants to
> go around collecting PCs, Playstations and X-Boxes?). There'll still be
> emulators, documentation, research, and non-functional systems, but the
> running machines - which are of primary interest to most on this list I
> suspect - will be gone.
> OK, that's depressing. Time for more coffee. :-)
> cheers
> Jules
I don't know about 50 years but it would be great if in 10-15 years
some of the top 500 super computers appeared on ebay. There is also
some nice stuff like tadpole sparc books and quad G5's, Alphas, IBM
power pc and especially that new Sun 32x1ghz spark processor  that
will become more affordable.


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