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Jay West jwest at
Fri Jun 9 20:43:01 CDT 2006

Tony (and someone else wrote....)
> To see if anything has been modified, to see which way up a part goes,
> how a cable should be routed, that sort of thing.
Good point, I honestly didn't think of that.

Like I said... my idea was a photo archive just for identification, but I'd 
be happy for it to grow in to more. If people post 360 pictures, one in each 
degree of view around a machine... I won't complain. It will be structured 
so people can post more than one.

> If you mean 'enter the titles/publishers/etc' then fine. I am not typing
> in all the text, though.
*GRIN* Of course I meant the entry (title, publisher, etc.). I did NOT mean 
the book :)

> What about more general books on computing/electronics. I feel that
> virtually everybody should have 'The Art of Electronics' and K&R to hand.
> But there must be some people who've not heard of them...
Yup, great ideas. Those should be added. I'm sure others have favorite books 
that should be added too.

Jay West 

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