Scott Quinn compoobah at valleyimplants.com
Sat Jun 10 20:04:59 CDT 2006

>>> Apollo should have open-documented their stuff.

>>Yup.. A huge problem for Apollo historical preservation.

>>I don't even know what might still exist inside HP for the early  

>Absolutely nothing, and that's confirmed. Boeing was the last  
>existing Apollo customer with systems still in production until  
>September of 2005. The final three years of which all hardware  
>maintenance was  performed in-house, scavenging parts from  
>decomissioned machines. All leftover parts cleared surplus by  
>CYE2005, which is a pity as I owed DOMAIN keyboards to a few folks  
>and now I am not sure if I'll be able to make good on it.

>I think the FAA were the second-to-last existing Apollo customer. Not  
>sure when they finally retired their last systems, but it was years  
>before Boeing did.

FAA had, I think, some in-house S/W on their Apollos- what did Boeing use on them?

Scott Quinn

P.S. - I got one of those last-dump Apollos- there weren't any keyboards or mice at Boeing, but still several 425es.
I was kind of wondering if they used them as Apollos or HP 9ks. Now I know.

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