OT-ish: Build-it stuff

woodelf bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Mon Jun 12 12:25:22 CDT 2006

Alexandre Souza wrote:

>     Try Circad (now omniglyph) from Holophase Software. This is the best PCB
> CAD software I've ever used. Diptrace and Eagle are excellent
> second-placers. Eagle has more libraries, and good support. Diptrace has
> EXCELLENT support and the facility to convert eagle libraries to him. But
> nothing is easy to use like circad. The option to load a BMP of a board and
> trace lines on top of that (for reverse engineering) is G R E A T.

$1000 is my budget for the computer not the PCB and schematic layout
program. The biggest problem is the free software I have has no 
component libraries for the odd stuff I am using like a 84 PLCC socket.
Tango PCB and schematic programs I liked.

I live in a apartment so having room for any big items like a real 
computer are out -- front panel, 16K memory , Washing machine err Hard
drive :).

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