Scopes (again)

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Mon Jun 12 19:53:30 CDT 2006

On 6/12/2006 at 3:51 PM Chris M wrote:

>I think this response is for me. The reason I was
>going to shlep to RS and buy the parts was cuz I've
>never really done it, and I have other needs for
>24vdc. Yep, those surplus bricks might fulfill all my
>deepest desires...but I guess it's cuz I've never
>really done it ;). 

Well, okay, yes, I suppose you could build a nice analog 24VDC supply from
RS parts.

Let's see:

Catalog #: 273-1512  25.2vct 2 amp transformer   $10.49
Catalog #: 276-1146  4A, 50 PIV  bridge rectifier $1.49
Catalog #: 272-1048 2200 uF 50 WVDC capacitor $4.29 

At this point, options get tough, depending on the current you'll need.
But let's go with 

Catalog #: 276-1778  LM317T adjustable voltage regulator $2.29

You could also build your own regulator for higher current using the 2N3055
power transistor, a zener and a handful of resistors.

Add to this, a line cord, switch fuse, connectors (if needed0 heatsink and

I suppose that it might be fun to see what useful thing that could be built
using components from the local RS; but you're not going to save any money


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