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Date: Monday, June 12, 2006 6:14 pm
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> Tony Duell wrote:
> FWIW, in 1972 the UK magazine 'Practical Electronics' published a 
> design 
> (going over 10 issuses, I have the whole set) for a TTL-based 4-
> function 
> desktop calcualtor. Not a computer, sure, but a lot of the 
> principles 
> were there.
> > Those who like to see something special should check it out : it 
> is a 
> > two-address machine, no instructions, but memory-mapped 
> "functional 
> > units". It even had hardware based multiply and divide !
> I'd love to see that, but my Elektor collections starts at about 
> the time 
> of the first Elekturscope (and I don't have a complete run since 
> then, alas)
> -tony
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> ---------
> Hah, 
> I remember the PE calculator well.  I actually built it, though I
> restructured the boards to match some proto PCBs I had.  To make 
> it easier,
> I copied out the articles and bound them together.  I saw that 
> binder in the
> last few weeks - may have it here in OC.  I'll look tonight.  It's 
> not a
> great copy, but anyone is interested, I'll hit the Xerox at 
> Kinko's.  (I
> doubt there's enough interest to be worth scanning.)
> I have all the English editions of Elektor, but they are not easy 
> to get to.
> My garage is a solid mass of books and electronics.  When I retire 
> nextyear, the top priority is to clean up that mess.  eBay will be 
> a full time
> occupation for many many months.  Some of the stuff is spoken for -
> I've
> promised Al K. he can copy anything he wants before I sell it.  I 
> shouldprobably donate all the software to the Museum, but I still 
> don't feel
> positive about their permanence.
> Billy 

Scan 'em! Scan 'em! I'd forgotten all about the PE Calculator...

Douglas Wood

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