Socket use and Slot Machine Repair.

Bob Bradlee caveguy at
Tue Jun 13 16:28:53 CDT 2006

On Tue, 13 Jun 2006 13:05:34 -0700, Don Y wrote:

>A slot machine loses ~$3000 of business* for each hour it is out of
>service.  Note that most slots are run in 24/7 environments -- you
>can't have scheduled maintenance (e.g., for a firmware upgrade)
>"on the weekend".

I have been amused by this treread for some time, and this red hot lead in 
drew me right in to the story, untill I did the math ....

$30K per hour is a three coin dollar machine that never stops 24/5.
Even my dear old mother can not keep up a 17 bet a minute rate for 24/7 for very long.

Slots useage is way down around dawn, and yes I have seen video slots 
on the floor, shut down, download  an update and reboot just in time for the weekend.

This last trip $20 lasted about 1/2 hour at the Garfield 2 cent video slot, the Bonus games 
are well worth it in entertainment. Mom got almost 2 hours out of a nickel mechanical slot for a $20

Now if it is my $20 than 5 minutes max, I'm broke again, I am but the spectator in that enviroment.

There is little question that slots rake in the money, but they give a large percentage of bets placed back or people would not last long or return.
And when one dies the player just moves on to the next one. 

It sounds like a nice job, 
Mom would love to move somewhere with slots :)
My wife might take some convincing to change jobs, then again if she could be semi-retired in ther new life :)

Take a look at IGT (a nice stock to have purchased a few years back)  to see the direction slots have ans are all moving to.

Just the other Bob on a slow day ....

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