OT-ish: Build-it stuff

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Tue Jun 13 20:39:54 CDT 2006

Alexandre Souza wrote:
>> But I have, on serveral occasions, been designing anf prototyping
>> something and found at the last minute that I need, say, a 390 ohm
>> resistor. I don't have one in the junk box. In the old days, either in
>> London or Bristol, I'd hop on a bus and get 10 from Maplin. And be
>> designing again within the hour. Now I have to send an order to RS or
>> Farnell and make it large enough to meet the latter's minimum order
>> charge or so that the former's postage charge doesn't exceed the value of
>> the components. OK, there are always components I can use, but finding
>> the money every few days gets a bit much!
>     Resistors are SO cheap that pays for having a parts' tray with one
> hundred of all values comercially avaiable and being replenished from time
> to time. This is something you'll use forever. And doesn't get old.

Except that 100 of each take up a LOT of space!

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