VX42 Multia versus 3000-300X

Paul Anderson useddec at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 01:29:49 CDT 2006

I replied to this last night, but I don't think it went through. I have a
3000-400, 3000-400S, 3000-600S, various DECstation 5000's and 3100's I am
considering taking to VCF. With advance notice, I can possible re-configure
these to meet individual specs. For those who can't be there, most can be
shipped stateside safely UPS ground for around $25.

I'm still looking for ideas of what to bring.  Docs, hardware (PDP8,11),
media (TU56, TK50, RL02, etc and a lot of non DEC tapes.   Any ideas?

Thanks, Paul Anderson

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Subject: VX42 Multia versus 3000-300X

 I might have the opporitunity to get a DEC 3000-300X machine for VMS (175
MHz 21064)
I know that 21(1,2,3)64 machines offer substantially improved performance,
but for the moment they are out of reach.

The question- I'm running VMS currently on a VX42 (233MHz 21066A, 512k
cache, 88MB RAM) Multia, and it is quite slow
(user response time with AXP-VMS v7.3-1)
SPEC-92 indicates that the DEC 3300X will be slower (84/100 for the 300X,
97/112 for (a generic) 21066A/233)
Likely, however, the 300X would have better I/O subsystems. Would it be
worth messing with, or should I not bother (as far as
useablility, not number-crunching prowess)?

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