Top Posting and Message Trimming

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Wed Jun 14 06:18:36 CDT 2006

Jay West wrote:
> dislikes top-posting. Top posting has been against published netiquette 
> for years. However, as time has progressed people have glossed over some 
> of the stuff they think is too prissy (which in my own opinion means 
> they are being sloppy, and some may consider it rude).

I don't think it's that, as such. I think some application designers (email, 
news) made poor decisions in making top-posting pretty much their default, and 
acceptance (often forced, in a corporate environment) of those apps made it 
hard for their users to do anything but top-post.

When all is said and done, the actual number of people who think top-posting 
is the right thing to do is *very* thin on the ground - but some popular 
applications do force peoples' hands somewhat.

> I dislike signatures, mainly because some claim corporate property or 
> confidentiality which makes little sense. There are a few that have 
> politically oriented signatures which has absolutely no place on the 
> list (ok, that one is policy-ish ;) ). If it was trivial to do, I think 
> I'd set the list to automatically remove all signatures 

See my other post - problem there is that a fair number of posters *do* 
include useful, legitimate contact details in their sigs. Often that may be 
something as simple as info on how to remove any spam traps from their 
displayed email address.

I'm sure it's possible to strip sigs - even if it's a tweak and recompile of 
the mail list software - but it's a potentially bad thing to do even though it 
would get rid of the moronic junk that some companies insist on adding to 
employee emails :-(

Actually, dumping any sig with the word 'confidential' in it would probably 
nuke nearly all the legalese ones, and dropping any with 'virus' in would get 
the ones inserted by AV software (despite this list being text-only and so the 
info is unnecessary) :-)

So it probably *could* be done. Is it worth the effort? No. :-)

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