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Old tech wins!  :-)

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Subject: RE: [miniature-machine-tools] Re: email spam propagation on Yahoo
Date: Wednesday 14 June 2006 01:36 pm
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There was a segment on the Tonight Show some time ago were Jay Lenno had
two groups of individuals; a couple of old "HAM Radio" operators and a
couple of young "technophiles" whose challenge was to send a short
message between themselves and who could send it the fastest.

The Ham's used morse code and the techies used the modern "Text
Messaging" on their cell phones.  The techies were supposed to be a
couple of the "fastest" text messagers around.  The message I seem to
recall was a single sentence - "I just saved a bundle on my car

The two old ham's using ancient morse code won hands down.

Cheers, Graham in Embrun near Ottawa Canada

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Subject: [miniature-machine-tools] Re: email spam propagation on Yahoo

I guess it is what I thought, when I said "WEB" I meant HTML based

lets all go back to the old days and use a regular mail client, I'm
sick of my WEB-based e-mail for my old foundry site as well.  Better
yet, let's just use telegraph's, and tap out the binary code,
shouldn't take long right? ;-)

Hope nobody lost any data due to this,

Thanks again,


> The virus is a problem in the Java code used for
> Yahoo's  online email.  We went to snopes.com to look
> up the threat.  You can read more information below.
> http://www.snopes.com/computer/virus/newgraphic.asp
> Richard
> @homemetalshop.com


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