VX42 Multia versus 3000-300X

Jeff Davis jdaviscctalk at soupwizard.com
Wed Jun 14 18:09:45 CDT 2006

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Jochen Kunz (jkunz at unixag-kl.fh-kl.de) wrote:
> The small desktop 3000-300 machines use PS/2 RAM. The large desktop and
> tower machines like 3000-500 / -600 use proprietary SIMMs.

I used to have a dec 3000-800, nice machine.  Wish I'd kept it when I moved.

IIRC, the proprietary simms were used on a 256 bit wide memory path, so that
series had pretty zippy memory for it's time, much faster than the 3000-300
machines (if you could find the propietary memory).  And the bigger machines
used more power.

Found a good listing of the dec 3000 machines here:

Short version:

small low-end machines (used 72pin parity simms) were:
    * DEC 3000/300
    * DEC 3000/300L
    * DEC 3000/300X
    * DEC 3000/300LX

high-end machines (used propietary simms) were:
    * DEC 3000/400
    * DEC 3000/500
    * DEC 3000/600
    * DEC 3000/700
    * DEC 3000/800
    * DEC 3000/900

Jeff Davis

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