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David W. Erhart daviderhart at oldzonian.com
Wed Jun 14 22:08:19 CDT 2006

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> After five years of accreting information into my Wang 2200 
> web site, Jay's generous hosting offer prodded me into 
> action.  I've revamped my web site and put everything under a 
> new domain name:
> 	http://www.wang2200.org/
> I've used xenu (http://home.snafu.de/tilman/xenulink.html) to 
> verify all of my links, but with 21 web pages that got 
> converted, I could have messed up in any number of ways.  If 
> you visit and spot anything weird, please let me know.  If 
> you are still using netscape 4, sorry, the pages will look 
> pretty bad because I'm using css to style the pages now.  
> I've tested it under firefox, ie 6, and opera 8.  The pages 
> were designed to assume a minimum screen width of 800 pixels.
> Since the discussion came up on this list a few weeks ago, 
> here is how I put my pages together.  First I played around 
> with one page and css until I was more familiar with css and 
> had a "look" that was OK.  I then converted each page, by 
> hand, to using css and removing tables wherever they weren't 
> necessary.  Each page was validated against the w3c xhtml 
> validator.  There was still a lot of common code in all of 
> these pages, so I wrote a perl script that reads in a 
> "schema", containing a template plus a list of pages to apply 
> the template to.  Each page is processed and emitted to final 
> directory.  This way I can, say, change the navigation menu 
> in the schema and it will get automatically updated in all 
> the 21 pages that have a menu.  This perl script also 
> provides for subroutines and variable substitution so that I 
> can define, say, a color in one place and my css and html 
> pages can reference the variable and all get updated with the 
> one color value.  It took a couple evenings to write but I'm 
> happy I spent the time.
> Thanks again Jay.

Congratulations.  Great new site!  Really nice layout, very clean.  I now
know what I want my site to look like. ;-)


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