System V.2 filesystems...

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Thu Jun 15 09:39:04 CDT 2006

Jules Richardson wrote:
> Anyone know anything about these? I've got an image of a hard disk 
> containing Torch's System V.2 release, which I'm hoping to be able to 
> read under Linux (which supports sysv, but makes the point that sysv.2 
> only works on floppies)

OK, bit of progress:

the partition table has 32 entries, each 4 bytes long, apparently in little 
endian format.

from the Torch Triple-X (an earlier machine than the Quad-X I'm trying to get 
running) manuals, there are four standard partitions - boot-loader, root, swap 
and /usr, in that order. I don't yet know if that holds true of the QX, though.

I think what I was looking at before (when I saw the garbled filenames) was 
the boot-loader partition; so it's possible that's only semi-compliant with SVR2.

I've managed to locate the offset to the root partition in the disk image, so 
I can mount that - and surprise!, Linux will read it just fine, despite what 
the Linux sysv filesystem docs say.

I still can't find where /usr starts on the disk, though, so I'm not quite 
there yet - obviously I'm missing something and not quite decoding the 
partition table right yet.

Still, progress...



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