SBC6120 (a build-it-yourself PDP-8 clone) grammer checked

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Jun 15 17:34:10 CDT 2006

> Tony Duell wrote:
> > Have you (or anyone else) come across the 'Improverished Radio 
> > Experimenter' books? THey're fairly modern (in the last 5 years or so), 


> I seen a few mail order places selling them but I want to get
> "The Voice of the Crystal" -- build everything from scratch.
> "Instruments of Amplification" -- build tubes/valves and transistors
> from scratch.

I haev both, and love them. 

'The voice of the Crystal' covers maing a crystal set using no commercial 
electronic components (other than wire :-)). To be honset, this is the 
less interesting of the 2 books, much of what's in it is in other books 
too (although making a crystal earphone using the piezo-electric crystal 
from a cigarette lighter is certainly novel.

'Instruments of Amplification' covers maing triode valves and copper 
oxide transistors. Be warned this is not at all easy to do, and the 
devices you make are pretty poor (lifetime of a few hours at most, gain 
just over 1 if you're lucky!). Don't think you'll make a classic computer 
using said devices. That said, it's amazing it's possible at all, and the 
book is _well_ worth reading, if only to remind yourself than homebrewing 
has not totlaly died out!

(You may have gathereed that I spend far too much on books!)


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