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Hans Franke Hans.Franke at siemens.com
Mon Jun 19 05:41:17 CDT 2006

Am 19 Jun 2006 11:14 meinte Jules Richardson:

> urgh, a software question :-)  I need to write some X Windows code (X11R5, so 
> it makes the ten year rule!). Nothing fancy - no GUI needed, just pixel ops on 
> the root window.
> Does anyone have any pointers to good online tutorials / other resources?
> I think the last time I coded anything specifically for X was around the time 
> R5 was released, so memory is rather hazy, and I don't think I've got any 
> paper-based info here at home.

Well, there hasn't changed a lot - at least for the basic stuff. A pixel
is still a rather crude dot on some bitplane. So if you still got some
old paper, use it. Beside that,  http://www.the-labs.com/ is a primer
source for online-information about X11 - at least if you got some prior
programming knowledge :)


Beside that, if you want to draw (vector based) stuff, the antigrain lib
( http://www.antigrain.com/ ) is worth a look. Extreme fast rendering and
complete OS independent.

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