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Mon Jun 19 12:08:20 CDT 2006

From: "Tony Duell" <ard at>

> > There were, as Tony says, a number of kits and self build designs
> > in the years just before and just after WW2. I have a design for a Radar
> > tube based set on my bench at the moment, as I'm planning to modify it
> > a multi standard monitor (240, 405, 441, 625) for use with a PC based
> Presumably your radar CRT is electrostatically defiected, which makes
> varying the scan rate a lot easier than if you were using electromagnetic
> deflection.

Yes, the VCR97 is a 6" electrostaic deflection and focus CRT

> > Going back further, the Baird 30 line mechanical system became popular
> > the "Daily Express" newspaper produced and distributed "televisor"
kits -
> > somewhere I have a picture of them loading railway trucks with the kits.
> > There were also other suppliers of kits and specialist components, like
> > Nipkow discs, or mirror screws.
> I found 'Newnes Televsion Handbook' in a second-hand bookshop a few years
> back. I don't think they realised what it was, the price was pretty low.
> It covers _only_ mechanically-scanend stuff....
A very lucky find! I recently got hold of some "television and shortwave"
magazines from 1935 to 1939, which cover the late mechanical and early
electronic systems (the Baird 240 / EMI 405 competition and such like. There
is also a lot of information on the development of the Scophony mechanicaly
scanned 405 line receiver (I have one of the few remaining parts of a
Scophony set,


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