New (old) SGI Indigo2

Scott Quinn compoobah at
Tue Jun 20 21:24:04 CDT 2006

Speaking of IRIX (in a somewhat OT way), does anyone know what became of SGI's promise (when they did the V-stream) to always have available a
release that supports the latest critical security patches for public download? There have been several largish security holes where the patches don't run on
6.5.22, and nothing else is accessible . . . no new support letters detailing the policy either.

I know about the "software developers' M-stream access" program, and have tried to sign up 4 times - doesn't work. I'm out of addresses to use.

Does anyone have MIPSPro C/C++ 7.2.1 (or 7.2 if a 7.2.1 license will work for it)? 

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