Serial console problems on 11/34

Jay West jwest at
Wed Jun 21 14:13:51 CDT 2006

Bill wrote....
> It should be null-modem rs232.
I can think of about six different variations of a "null-modem" cable off 
the top of my head. Unfortunately, that's a often too generalized term.

> The DEC 11/34 uses Xon/Xoff flow control -- not dtr/dsr or cts/rts so 
> those
> need to be looped back on the pc if you're using
> one as a vt100.
looping back - well, depeneds on the software. Some software isn't driving 
dtr/dsr or cts/rts, some allows it to be selectable, etc.

> Transmit should go to receive and receive to transmit.  A straight through
> cable won't do it.
More descript term would be a 3-wire crossover cable.


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