Scanner choice question

Scott Quinn compoobah at
Sat Jun 24 00:18:41 CDT 2006

 I'm trying to pare down the junkpile (cf. other recent posts), and I've come across the scanner cache.

I have a Umax Astra 2400 and a HP ScanJet 6100c, both SCSI. I'm not sure which one to keep.
Originally, the Umax had the (infinitely) better Macintosh interface, but the HP spoke to
SGI Impressario software. Now with SANE et al (and USB on modern Macs) I don't need both.
Which would be the better to keep?

footnote: I got the ComputerVision manual scanned (the CV specific one, the other two were just
standard SunOS manuals. I gave up after the second one started jamming in the copier.)

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