Weird : Fw: The results of your email commands

Jay West jwest at
Sun Jun 25 21:37:21 CDT 2006

It was written...
> You're probably right.
> Can't this shit be eliminated by Dewey or one of the other nephews ?
Dewey does eliminate all MIME before accepting the post to the list.

By the way.... the history - my high school had an HP2000 named Huey, and a 
PDP-11/03 with RT11 & TSX+ called Dewey. We never got a third computer 
(other than a heathkit EC1).

The original classiccmp server was called Huey, but during transition to a 
new machine there was temporarily two machines. The new machine was called 
Dewey. Louie is a machine I have at home primarily for HP2100 emulator 


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