Identifying cctalk messages

Jay West jwest at
Mon Jun 26 17:33:24 CDT 2006

Jim wrote....
> This is a ridiculous argument.  Just shoot down mine as saying
> "everyone else is doing it" and that makes yours right???
I apologize, I must not have been clear. I was saying your statement that 
ClassicCMP should tag the subject because every other list does was not a 
great convincer. I was not at all saying classiccmp was right because 
everyone else does it our way (which isn't correct, obviously, as you {and 
I} stated).

> But because this one and the Chunky Child Mothers Porn site are the only 
> two that dont identify themselves, I just dont know which one I am 
> opening.
I would think the subject lines by themselves would easily distinguish 
between these two ;) I hope ;)

> If I allow my mail program to display the headers along....
Woah... no one said, inferred, nor suggested anything of the sort! I don't 
think most would consider having to wade through headers on each email is a 
good solution. But, we're here to help. Exactly what email client are you 
using? I bet we can find a solution for you with the win-win of getting you 
more familiar with your software.

Best regards,

Jay West 

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