Macintosh question (G3, 7 years old, so OT)

Doc Shipley doc at
Wed Jun 28 13:42:02 CDT 2006

Julian Wolfe wrote:
> I saw this on a G4 once.  I think it was something to do with the monitor
> circuit (i.e. no monitor was connected that the card recognized)
> I don't know if a standard ATX PSU will work.  The G4 I worked on a few
> weeks ago seemed to have a standard power supply, but with a seprate pair of
> wires for a fan that was connected.

   G4 "Sawtooth" - 350-450MHz, 100Mb ethernet, AGP video - can use a 
standard ATX PSU with a simple -wire-wire modification.  The other G4 
PSUs *look*, standard, but they definitely aren't.  The Digital Audio 
model requires a 28V supply line....

   I don't recall whether a G3 will boot with a dead battery or not, but 
I'm fairly sure it won't boot with no battery.


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