The Good Old Days?

Don North ak6dn at
Wed Jun 28 17:12:25 CDT 2006

Mike Loewen wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Jun 2006, Billy Pettit wrote:
>> Your sig file reminds me of one we had in the Army:  There is nothing 
>> quite
>> so dangerous as a 2nd Lieutenant with a screwdriver!
>    We had a 2 hour outage on the Air Defense computer system at 
> McChord back in the 80's, because some Lieutenant managed to trigger 
> the Halon system.  Not only did it shut off power to the system, but 
> it tripped dampers in the air conditioning system which had to be 
> reset by hand.
>    Never knew in which what out-of-the way place he ended up...
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> Old Technology

Isn't he now in charge of infrastructure rebuilding in IRAQ?


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