PeeCee clones; was:PCW's 25 worst tech products

Doc Shipley doc at
Thu Jun 29 07:45:07 CDT 2006

Jim Leonard wrote:
> Chuck Guzis wrote:
>>> Yes, that is remarkable, but last I checked the PS/2 line doesn't 
>>> have *any* ISA slots which means people had to buy sound cards, 
>>> joystick adapters, SuperVGA boards, internal modems, etc. etc. all 
>>> over again. At 2X the price.  That was a colossally bad move for the 
>>> consumer market, which ended up driving the market the most anyway.
>> You've obviously never run into a PS/2 Model 25 or 30 or even the
>> "portable" L40.  ISA machines, not MCA.
> You're right, I never did.  I already had a 286 and was looking for a 
> 386.  No 386 model PS/2 was ISA.  L40 doesn't count, it was a laptop, 
> you couldn't add cards to it :-)

   That's sort of odd.  I have a Model 25/386 with a 3Com 3c509 in it. 
Wait; I *had* it.  I think I gave it to Gil Carrick.


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