ISO: Compaq Portable 3 "docking station" (?)

jim stephens jwstephens at
Thu Jun 29 15:12:09 CDT 2006

Don Y wrote:

> I'd like to find a docking station/expansion chassis
> for my Portable 3.  It's my understanding that this
> will hold *two* (full size?) ISA cards.  I'm hoping
> that this will be a good, *compact* home for my
> Opus PM (I'd hate to have to set up a regular PC
> for this -- the Portable 3 has the advantage of the
> built in display, etc.).

The expansion bay will hold two cards.  I can look
to see if I can find a spare empty one.  I use mine
for holders for my Overland tape cards, if you
know how big they are.  There are 2 AT slots
in the thing.

There was also a tape backup that was made that
I have a specimen of, but no software on the box
or idea what controller or tapes it takes.  It is physically
the same size as the expansion box.

I will not be able to look till this weekend, but will
give you an answer by the end of the holiday.


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