Why do people keep stealing my work :(

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Thu Jun 29 21:01:10 CDT 2006

Tony Duell wrote:
>> Someone alerted me to this site tonight where they copied about 1,000 words
>> straight from my web page.
>> http://www.industryplayer.com/licenceinfo.php?licid=014060
>> In the "license research report" section, everything up to the Newton
>> paragraph is plagiarized from my site.
> Argh!!!. 
> I have often said that anything I post publically (which includes this 
> list, net froa, a website if I had one, etc) is fair game for further 
> distribution _if you give the appropriate acknowledgements_. What I mean 
> by that is that if I, say, post some useful repair tip here, you're 
> welcome to distribute it, but you have to give me credit. 
> This has been the policy in academia for many years, and I don't see why 
> the web should be any different. 
> Tp take somebody else's work as your own is plagarism, and I am trying to 
> think up an appropriate punishment for such lowlife.

Put errors in your work?  :>

Allegedly, map printers (cartographers) have errors in their
street maps to help identify blatant copies.  I guess they figure
the effort to verify all of the street names, etc. makes it
unlikely that a counterfeiter would catch the deliberate error...
not sure how this has changed with more modern technology.

In the 80's, video (arcade) game software was *regularly*
copied.  Blatantly.  The offenders would simply grep the binary
for key strings (like the title screen) and change them
to different text.  The time required to catch the infraction,
get an injunction (usually the offending games were imports)
and have it enforced was longer than the life-cycle of the
game (at the time, many games were "90 day wonders").

Lots of clever ideas to prevent/discourage that sort of thing  ;-)

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