TI Travelmate

John C. Ellingboe john at guntersville.net
Wed Mar 1 20:48:19 CST 2006

"J.C. Wren" wrote:
>     According to this page, <URL:
> http://www.pchub.com/uph/catf/BigPicture.aspx?iid=17639&PhotPath=6324217289798437502_ZVC36-18-D4.jpg
>  >, it is indeed center positive.   "ZVC36-18-D4" appears to be the
> model number for the brick.
>     --jc


Thanks JC.  That is the way most of them are polarized but I
have seen enough of the others to make me leery of guessing. 
That may be the brick that they used but this thing only draws
.5 amp per the sticker.  Maybe other options would up the draw
and they didn't want to have a bunch of different power modules
for them.

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