Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Fri Mar 3 12:00:31 CST 2006

> Saw an interesting discussion about CD-ROMs with MSCP SCSI (YES, a
> CD-ROM ISO with XXDP would be truly awesome!) and this got me thinking
> about my own UC07 controller - if I've understood correctly, this
> controller does not support SCSI tape.
> I don't really know anything about MSCP or the SCSI command set that CD
> writers use - but could a CD-R(W) drive be used as a backup device?
> I know it's bad style to do backups on CD-R, but bear with me :)

I don't see why not, but you'll have to write the software to control it. 
You're also likely to find that it's very picky about what it will work
with.  At least with my Viking QDT and UDT controllers I *think* 512-byte
blocks are a requirement, and I know they won't work with all 512-byte block
CD-ROM drives.

An easier sollution is to have the SCSI HD's in removable trays, and Have a
modern Unix box with the same type SCSI tray.  Plug the PDP-11 disk into the
Unix box, and use 'dd' to image the disk.  The resulting image can even be
used under SIMH.

> Also, now that I think about it, the perverse bugger that I am, could an
> MSCP controller send an Audio CD Play/Next Track/etc. command to the
> CD-ROM? Would be awesome to have a hifi controlled by the PDP-11. :)

No clue, but I rather doubt it.


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